The much-awaited action adventure game “God Of War” is one of the most interesting titles slated to release in 2018. It is a stellar and a fascinating PlayStation 4-exclusive game designed to give the gamers the thrill of their lives. More details are revealed about the hack and slash title as it approaches its release. Among these are the gameplay features, combat mechanics, and graphic capabilities.

Dynamic combat

In a recent interview with PlayStation Magazine UK, Marketing Producer of Sony Santa Monica Studio Aaron Kaufman shared the title’s Gameplay Mechanics.

According to Kaufman, Kratos and his son Atreus will team up in the battlefield. The pair will have dynamic combo moves that players will be able to use.

These combo moves will be special moves that the father and son pair can execute while fighting opponents. The Marketing Producer also described a particular scene in “God of War” where Kratos and Atreus team up and use distinct moves to destroy enemies. This is an example of the numerous tandem combat features that players will soon enjoy in the game.

In the upcoming title, Atreus will be Kratos’ traveling companion. Sony utilized this and equipped the character to make him useful in fights. Kaufman talked about an instance when Kratos would send a signal to Atreus, and the son would spring at the enemies and start hurling arrows at the back of their head.

Kratos, for his part, would kill the enemy by hurling his axe. The scene sounds epic and cool at the same time depicting effective and stylish combat moves.

Moreover, Kaufman shared that these dynamic combo moves are but just a speck of what players can expect in the hack and slash title. The marketing producer revealed that, aside from the usual combat and gore, Kratos will also have his own journey inspired by the game, “The Last of Us.”

Other game details

It appears that more interesting features are integrated into Sony’s next action adventure installment.

While it has impressive gameplay features and dynamic combo moves, new characters and setting will also add more excitement to the game. Moreover, the game’s lead character will embark on a personal journey and try to turn his back to his blood-soaked past.

God of War” will be released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive game in 2018.

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