Today is perhaps the saddest day for anyone who has learned to love “For Honor.” That is because the game’s creative director named Jason Vandenberghe has decided to end his career with Ubisoft. This is a shock, considering he has been with the studio for nearly a decade already.

According to PVP Live, Vandenberghe quickly became an icon in the “For Honor” community following his presentation of the title at 2015’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Interestingly, the creative director shared what transpired behind the scenes that led to his exit.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

He just fell head-over-heels

Vandenberghe is reportedly joining the developers behind “Guild Wars” named ArenaNet. He is going to be the studio’s director of design, a role that focuses on “shepherding teams and growing people.” He did not really share any concrete answer as to why he left Ubisoft but explained that he simply got “head-over-heels” with the new video game company. In his official Facebook account, the former creative director expressed his gratitude towards the studio for sealing “the deal.”

He also went to thank Ubisoft and everyone who was involved in developing “For Honor,” expressing his “profound love” to them. He even said that they did a great thing with the fighting-themed title and that he cannot wait for them to “take it from here.” Vandenberghe did not opt to specify the reason behind his move, but he mentioned about it being long and complicated.

His history with Ubisoft

It holds true that Vandenberghe made a name out of “For Honor,” but he was also known for other titles in Ubisoft. Among the games in his names are “Far Cry 3,” and “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier,” among others. The studio, on the other hand, has yet to release a statement, explaining their side.

Obviously, the fans of the fighting-themed title are now wondering who will take the mantle that Vandenberghe left. It could be that the studio would release an announcement in the next few days or so.

Meanwhile, the studio just released a brand new update in “For Honor” and it is the update 1.09. It adjusts a lot of things in the game, with Revenge gain being the most noticeable one.

Basically, players would now gain Revenge based on the enemies they fight or, simply put, in 1vX situations. In a sense, the more enemies they fight alone, the more Revenge they can gain. Moreover, the studio also announced the first cash tournament of the game called Hero Series.