Blizzard has been slowly rolling out the “Overwatch” lore through different ways like cinematics, comics, skins, maps, and even gameplay. However, there are still a lot of things fans don’t know about the many characters in the game. To fill the gaps, some netizens craft their own theories for characters which could provide some useful insight, providing they actually make sense. In line with this, one popular theory about Sombra has been recently debunked by the “Overwatch” writer himself.

Sombra isn’t the little girl you thought she was

Remember Alejandra from Soldier: 76’s lore cinematic, “Hero, that was released last year?

The girl from Dorado who was sent out to do some errands ran into some trouble with the Los Muertos gang and was eventually saved by Overwatch’s ex-strike commander. According to Dot Esports, many believed that the “Hero” cinematic actually took place in the past and that Alejandra was actually Sombra before she took up her hacker alias. This theory became quite popular among the “Overwatch” fanbase, but some netizens still had their doubts about the Alejandra-Sombra connection.

To shed some light on the subject, lead game writer Michael Chu took to the “Overwatch” forums and personally debunk the theory himself. He claimed that the cinematic actually takes place in the current timeline of the game.

With that in mind, Sombra should already be an adult while Alejandra is still just a kid.He also recommended that fans shouldn’t trust Sombra’s words and stories and that the hacker isn’t Alejandra.

Who is Sombra?

Not much is known about this hacker villain except that she has her own agendas while working for the terrorist group known as Talon.

She was one of the orphaned children during the Omnic Crisis who is extremely talented in hacking computers and cryptography. She eventually joined the Los Muertos gang and stumbled across a global conspiracy that had also detected who she was. With her security compromised, she deleted all traces of her past life and set up her alias as Sombra.

In the game, she is an Offense hero and is the second additional character that was patched in the game after Ana Amari. Sombra’s kit mainly revolves around hacking opponents, health packs, and turrets while slipping in and out of enemy lines using her invisibility and translocator. She also has a machine pistol with a large spread that can shred enemies.