Developer IllFonic and publisher Gun Media announced that the highly-anticipated Xbox One update of “Friday the 13th: The Game” is out now and available for download. The latest patch rolled out the much-needed fixes to the game.

Latest announcement

On the game’s official Facebook page, game developer IllFonic and media publisher Gun Media released a joint statement announcing the release of the Xbox One update of “Friday the 13th: The Game.” When the game was launched in May, several issues surfaced. With the release of the patch for the Microsoft console, players are hoping that the issues will be addressed and resolved.

Xbox One update

In the joint statement of the two companies responsible for the game, it was revealed that the latest update has significantly decreased the number of game crashes. It has also executed a major sweep on persistent bugs found on the Xbox One version of the horror-survival game. Aside from that, the joint statement went on to say their apologies for taking so much time before releasing the update.

The developer also assured fans that the latest patch will significantly increase the title’s playability and will put it on par with other platforms.

Patch notes

Interestingly, the patch notes are a list of bug fixes on the game’s crashes and matchmaking. The memory issues in the Microsoft console that prevented the previous patch from being released as scheduled have now been addressed.

The patch notes also reveal that the game has now increased stability previously caused by memory, as well as audio threading issues.

Aside from those, the latest update has also changed to a new memory allocator. This will increase the frame rate and overall performance of the game. The morph cursor of the main character in the game, Jason Vorhees, which was previously not always seen, is now fixed.

Interestingly, the patch also disabled the inhale sound effect when the player is breathing in a concealed location. Various fixes for different kinds of glitches/hide/exploit spots have been rolled out too. Players who often take advantage of the infinite stamina can no longer use it.

Moreover, the latest patch also made some changes in the dead body in the game.

Now, stingers on the dead body are less horrible. The issue of Jason not morphing when hit by a car in reverse or not canceling shift is now fixed. The patch also addressed the issue of the exit code in the hiding spot. In addition, the issue of Counselors that might get stuck inside of a wall when hit is now fixed.

Friday the 13th: The Game” is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The update for PC and PlayStation 4 has been rolled out a few weeks right after the release of the game.