The heavily rumored Doomfist was finally revealed by Blizzard Entertainment in a new developer update video. He is also available to play in the Public Test Region for “Overwatch.”

Doomfist Joins Up The Battle

After a year of speculation from fans, the rumored African melee fighter of the popular multiplayer first person shooter game was finally revealed by the game company. This character was actually teased a lot in the course of the game’s release to the public so a lot of fans have been eagerly waiting for the official reveal.

The new character is actually the 25th hero of the video game, according to game director Jeff Kaplan in a new developer update video, which can be viewed down below.

He comes from Nigeria, which makes him a West African, and he is also a long-time leader of the villainous Talon organization. Talon also has members like Reaper and Widow.

The video also revealed that Reaper is actually not the only leader of Talon. There is a council of leaders and Doomfist is one of them; he is also an important member. They look out for the organization and they also sometimes participate in some operations.

Doomfist ideology and method of achievement

Kaplan revealed that the new character wants humankind to become more powerful, but his method is extreme. He believes that they can achieve this through conflict, which is a harsh stance. He truly believes this ideology and he is dedicated to making this happen.

To oppose Doomfist and stop his plans, the world government sent the organization Overwatch right away. Kaplan also revealed that Winston, the genius scientist gorilla, was the one who put the villain behind bars with the use of his berserk strength. The new character now has a deep hatred against the former organization and he is looking for revenge.

Abilities to try out

Blizzard also revealed the different kinds of abilities the new character could do in the video game. He has some powerful cybernetics built into him, which makes him very mobile and has a body that can defend against most attacks. He also has the Hand Cannon, which can be used for ranged attacks, ground slams to throw off his enemies off balance, and the famous Rocket Punch.

Where to play the new character

Doomfist can only be played, for now, in the Public Test Region of "Overwatch," which is unfortunately only available on the PC platform. Blizzard Entertainment has to sort out some of the issues of the new character's build before they can release it to the official servers. They are asking the fans to wait a while before they can finally play the character on all platforms.

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