Blizzard Entertainment released a new "Overwatch" promo video Tuesday to give PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Horizon Lunary Colony map. Along the way, one fan decided to "zoom and enhance" on one frame of the video to spot what is either a new hero or just some older concept art.

New character leak? Probably Not

Reddit user Lohtrici spotted some concept art in the background of one of the Blizzard developers talking about the Horizon Lunar Colony map coming to "Overwatch." Zooming in reveals a blue, bulkier Iron Man-like figure complete with the glowing energy source in the middle of the chest.

While the blurry image looks like it might be a new character it isn't. Not unless Blizzard will be applying a shrink ray. The concept art spotted in the background of the video matches art leaked by Joe Vargas from the "Angry Joe Show" on Twitter over a year ago.

The image is actually of a giant robot from Volskaya Industries in the game's universe. How can you tell it is giant? Well, Bastion is just big enough to get squashed by its left foot.

So, this isn't really a new character but concept art that may eventually find its way into the game as a backdrop to a map or put into one of Blizzard's excellent character trailers.

Lunar Colony Map

Meanwhile, Blizzard just unveiled the release date for the Horizon Lunar Colony map which will be on June 20th, 2017. The video below features the developers talking about the huge backlog of maps they want to make, but the moon map shot up to the top because of its ties to Winston's origins.

The map is filled with Easter Eggs to allow players to discover what happened to cause the gorillas to revolt against the human scientists experimenting on them and why Winston escaped for Earth.

Horizon is primarily an indoor map, 90 percent according to Blizzard. There is a small outdoor playable area where players can experience low gravity. The developers originally considered making low gravity more prevalent, but decided against it because of its affect on competitive play.

Based on the current PTR (Public Test Realm) testing going on currently, "Overwatch" will add the ability for players to adjust the gravity in the game for custom matches.

Other things can be tweaked like jump height and how powerful the knockback effect is on knockback weapons.

Now that the "Overwatch" anniversary event has completed, fans should look forward to the Horizon map which is set to launch in exactly one week!