"Call of Duty: infinite warfare" players who have already finished the game, and are bored with the currently available multiplayer maps, will be happy to learn that the game's third downloadable content (DLC) pack, titled "Absolution," is now available. The DLC is currently now available for the PlayStation 4, while the Xbox One and Windows PC versions are expected to be out in a few weeks.

All-new maps

The brand new DLC pack comes with four new multiplayer maps. According to Activision, each map offers its own unique layout that caters to both close-quarter combat and long-range player styles.

Each of the maps also features its own choke points, narrow corridors, and sniping positions, which should encourage teamwork amongst players.

The first multiplayer map is called "Ember" and is basically a modern remake of the "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" classic, "Resistance." The area itself features a lot of old-world architecture that has been incorporated with advanced technologies. The map features lava flows and gallows for that added ominous vibe. The second map is an all new map called "Fore," which is a huge map that features surreal backdrops and structures such as giant popsicles, magical forests, and castles.

The next map is called "Permafrost." It features a city complete with train stations, theaters, and houses that are all frozen in ice.

The map contains three lanes that each have their unique layouts. The last map is called "Bermuda" and is set on a crashed ship. The area also contains several unique structures such as a fish market and a lighthouse.

New chapter

One of the biggest additions that will be coming with the "Absolution" update is the new Zombie chapter titled "Attack of the Radioactive Thing." The chapter features a unique set of characters, which includes the 1950's cult classic horror icon, Elvira the "Mistress of the Dark." She is also joined by a great cast of voice actors, which includes Sasheer Zamata, Seth Green, Jay Pharoah, and Ike Barinholtz.

The unlikely band of heroes is tasked with saving a small beach town in the 50's that is being attacked by zombies and different monsters. The creatures are apparently the result of a government experiment that has gone wrong. The new chapter has been revealed to contain unique new weapons and traps, which fans should enjoy trying out on hordes of the undead and mutated creatures.

The "Absolution" DLC is available as a separate purchase for interested players. Those who already own the game's Season Pass will get it free. Activision is also giving away some bonuses for those who will purchase the Season Pass, which includes 10 Rare Supply Drops and 1,000 Salvage Credits.