Fire Emblem Heroes’ has become one of Nintendo’s most successful games in the mobile market since it launched a few months back. This crossover tactics game brought in characters from the franchise and allowed players to unlock them as their personal unit. Because of its popularity, Nintendo continues to support the game through various updates and content.

Just recently, the game has gotten a new major update that brought in two additional mods and also added in some Story Maps. While these new features might have been more than enough for some players, other fans went to the next level and datamined the game for future content.

Surprisingly enough, they stumbled across another character that will most likely make it in ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ in a future update.

Version 1.5.0 Features

Nintendo has just released the details of all the new features that are included in the game’s latest patch. Firstly, there are two new modes being the Chain Challenge and Squad Assault. The former feature has rules similar to the Tempest Trials wherein you’ll have to clear multiple maps without units dying. If your characters do die, you can assemble a new group using your remaining heroes and restart the map they lost. Those who manage to clear the challenge will earn Hero Feather on Normal and Hard Mode while the Lunatic mode rewards you with orbs.

Squad Assault, on the other hand, is a mode where Heroes are “captured” after they manage to clear a map. These units cannot be deployed until the challenge ends so players will have to be flexible with their teams to win. If you clear this mode, you can earn a Sacred Seal and more orbs. Nintendo has also teased other special events like the Bound Hero Battle where both Alm and Celica will come to Special Maps.

Datamine Details

Similarly, PVP Live shares that dataminers were able to pull up some other details that Nintendo didn’t mention. They discovered that ‘Fire Emblem echoes’ hero Tobin will be one of the new characters that will appear in a later patch in the game as his art appears within the files. While he seems to be a sword user, many fans have been requesting that Nintendo adds more axe users to ‘Fire Emblem Heroes.’ His sword seems to have some ancient text coming from the ‘Fire Emblem Awakening’ franchise.

For now, players will just have to wait for further news on when Tobin will come to the game. Those who want to play ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ can download it for free on Android or iOS.