With the release of the hotly anticipated online-only multiplayer shooter video game sequel, "Destiny 2," now just months away, active Players of the original game may be in for a bit of bad news. According to Bungie, all of their focus will apparently now be dedicated to preparing the upcoming sequel for its big debut. This means that they will no longer be releasing any more balance tweaks and updates for the original game.

Official announcement

The game's developer recently published a new post on the game's official website announcing their intention of "temporarily" abandoning support for the original 2014 video game.

According to manager David "DeeJ" Dague, he and his team will be fully focusing on "Destiny 2," which means that "Age of Triumph" will necessarily become the last update for the original game.

It was mentioned that the move was going to be just "at this time," which may be indicative that the developers may revisit the original game with minor balance tweaks and updates in the near future. However, once the upcoming sequel is released, it may be highly unlikely for the developers to give any significant effort for the older title.

Leaving it as it is

The news is not likely a welcome one for gamers who are still actively playing the original title. Bungie previously released an update back in February that ultimately ruined the game's PvP experience.

The update added special ammo to spawned players, but unfortunately removed the ability for players to retain their accumulated ammo upon death. This meant that players would have to mine or forage for ammo from spawn crates every time they die.

Aside from the somewhat convoluted ammo issue, "Age of Triumph" was a relatively big update for the original game.

The update included new gear, revised weapons, new weekly rituals, and updated Strikes. Players can, of course, continue to play the game without any issue, but no further updates are expected to be released.

Sequel hype

Bungie's decision to abandon support for the original title was likely a necessary decision to ensure that the release of the upcoming sequel will go without a hitch.

There is already a lot of hype and anticipation for the release of "Destiny 2," which is scheduled to take place on Sept. 8 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A

A Windows PC version has also been announced, but Bungie has not yet pinned down a date for its release.The sequel will be taking place one year after the events of "Destiny: Rise of Iron." The now scattered Guardians must find a way to defeat Ghaul and the Red Legion, who have laid siege to The Last City.