Destiny 2” is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated titles of recent memory. Although some players doubt its success, others are only stoked. With its impending release, developer Bungie decided to release more details about the upcoming sequel.

In an interview with IGN, “Destiny 2” game director Luke Smith revealed that the follow-up game would be “tougher” compared to the original. He iterated how they intentionally developed features and contents that would give players more difficulty. Here is everything about it in a nutshell

Sequel is ‘tougher’ compared to the original title

Smith explained that they want to level up the overall gameplay experience in the upcoming game, and to achieve it, the level of difficulty must be increased.

He even advises players to thoughtfully strategize and consider their load outs “at the pinnacle level of the game.” He was referring to the new loadout system in the game, suggesting how it would work differently now compared to before.

The “Destiny 2” game director went to use an analogy to elaborate what he meant by the new loadout. Weapons and items in the sequel are like golf bags, and Bungie wants players to look at these bags before the actual game starts. “Oh, what should we bring to this?” he said. It means that players must determine accordingly, which items to bring before the start of battles, as these items cannot be changed while in progress.

Why the loadout system was changed

Smith iterated that in some “activities” in “Destiny 2,” players would be automatically loadout-locked once everything starts.

As a result, players would not be able to go out and change their loadout items, something that can be done in the first title. He admitted that the reason for the change was to make the overall experience a lot tougher, giving players a hard time at each in-game activity. The developers believe that this was the main reason why somehow, in one way or another, the first game felt “hard to enjoy.” The original title just did not provide players the sense of knowingness why their actions mattered.

In “Destiny 2,” they are set to change that. They want players to carefully consider every action they make, as this would determine the future of their success in-game. Players must be patient enough to strategize everything. Otherwise, they will only fall hard to ground. Smith went to say that with this change, players would eventually learn to appreciate the main core of the forthcoming title. Well, this is something that fans should look forward to.