EA has another exciting announcement for its first shooter game, “Battlefield 1.” The game publisher will soon allow players to try the premium DLC maps for free, even without the Premium Pass.

Premium trials

DICE and EA have allowed players in the past to test the maps of “Battlefield 1” for free even without purchasing the pass. It previously introduced Premium Friends. With this feature, if a squad mate owns a pass; other squad members can try the maps for free.

However, it appears that Electronic Arts is taking things to a higher notch with Premium Trials.

With this feature, having a friend with a Premium Pass is not a necessity. In fact, anybody can try the game’s maps for free. Among the maps that can be tested by any player for free includes the upcoming map dubbed as Prise de Tahure. Nivelle Nights and four other maps included in the latest expansion, They Shall Not Pass are all up for the free trial.

The only drawback about this latest offer is that it is a time-constraint event. While the latest offer widens the range of who can try the maps, it is only a limited time offer. The first Premium Trial will be available in the later part of July. It will be followed by two more in August and September.

List of upcoming DLCs

Aside from the Premium Trials, another map will arrive in the game this month.

The map will take the players to a fight in a night time of the trench-lined French city. A new patch will also be released this month. Another DLC will be released in September. The highly anticipated In the Name of the Tsar expansion will introduce six fresh maps, as well as the Russian army. The regular expansion content of new sets of vehicles and weapons will also be released alongside the Russian DLC.

After the In the Name of the Tsar expansion, Turning Tides will follow. The naval-centered downloadable content will be released in December 2017. The expansion will feature epic battles of the Gallipoli Offensive and Zeebrugge Raid among others. There will also be land and air battles aside from the naval clashes. New vehicles and weapons will also arrive along with the naval-themed expansion.

Battlefield 1” is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players. We will give you more updates about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available. For your daily dose of the latest gaming news and updates, you may visit Blasting News. Meanwhile, here is a concept art about the Tidal Tides DLC and several details about the Premium Trial.