Bungie recently confirmed the upcoming beta phase in “Destiny 2.” This should give players early access to the sequel while allowing the studio to weigh the game’s marketability. Unfortunately, there are a number of issues already despite the beta still not being launched.

According to Cinema Blend, the studio detailed a preface of what "Destiny 2" Players can expect from the beta on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. These basically refer to the possible issues they can encounter from signing in all the way to playing the actual phase. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Bungie details possible issues in beta

First and foremost, the video game company warns players about running through a set of networking error codes. This reportedly happens when attempting to launch the beta from their platforms. However, the studio will reportedly keep an eye on this process to ensure seamless integration. To further ensure this, the developers will be monitoring and tweaking – in real time – the live servers of the game.

It should be noted, though, that “Destiny 2” beta is really expected to encounter networking error codes. These kind of issues are nothing but ordinary hiccups in beta testing. What is important, though, is the way Bungie responds to the errors because, at the end of the day, they still want to assure the fans of a seamless experience in beta testing.

The company also promised the community that during the sequel’s official launch, these errors will be diminished.

Other possible issues

Some of the issues detailed by Bungie are not really that significant to the gameplay experience in “Destiny 2” beta. However, there are few that players need to check beforehand. For instance, the location names in the game barely appear during the so-called Crucible gameplay matches.

There will also be instances of players getting kicked into orbit right after they witness a black screen, which happens when the countdown for the match begins. Add to this the possibility of getting ditched from the Strike in progress and being transferred to the beginning of the Spire Strike Activity.

The beauty about these errors is that it gives Bungie an opportunity to understand their existence in “Destiny 2.” As a result, the studio can work on reliable fixes and/or workarounds to make the official launch seamless.

After all, they want to guarantee a reliable gameplay experience for the players, otherwise, the sequel will only accumulate criticism. The beta phase will arrive on PlayStation 4 come July 18 and July 19 on Xbox One. PC owners, on the other hand, will receive it sometime in August.