DICE rolled out a massive update for the first-person shooter game, “Battlefield 1.” The latest feature-packed patch brings a new map, the Prise de Tahure, Premium Trials, new modes, and fixes to name a few.

Prise De Tahure

The latest patch is now available and players can now enjoy the second night map and the last map for the They Shall Not Pass expansion of “Battlefield 1.” Prise de Tahure is similar to its sister map, Nivelle Nights where players are allowed to play through the night. Contrasting the previously released night map, this one will let players engage in a close-quarter combat.

The Prise de Tahure will be available to players who have Premium Pass. Those who were able to purchase the They Shall Not Pass DLC as a standalone can also gain access to the latest night map. For players who have not purchased the DLC and have no Premium Pass, they can still enjoy the map through Premium Friends.

However, the downside of using Premium Friends is that players using it cannot earn experience while playing the map. They cannot even spawn with the DLC’s maps or vehicles.

Premium Trials

After the release of July update, DICE assured fans that Premium Trials will be launched. This is the latest feature that will allow non-Premium Pass holders to access the maps of the game expansion prior to purchasing it.

This is similar to Premium Friends; however, Premium Trials will only last seven days after the patch was released.

Moreover, unlike Premium Friends, players will no longer need any Premium Pass holder to team up with in order to access the expansion. While players can play the expansion without the pass, the XP earned, and even progression will not be applied.


Aside from the new night map and the launch of Premium Trials, the game’s July update also rolled in fixes. Among these include adjustment of Flag D capture area in Frontlines of Soissons. The bug in Nivelle Nights that causes failure of the grayscale effect of Out of Bounds was also fixed.

Aside from those the latest update also fixed an issue in the Nivelle Nights where fields kits located in sector five in Rush game could be utilized before the sector becomes active.

It also rolled out a fix on the Fort de Vaux where players can no longer climb the top of the fort located adjacent to the courtyard area.

Battlefield 1” is currently playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Meanwhile, here is the trailer of the second in-game night map, Prise de Tahure, enjoy!