Bungie has finally given “Destiny 2” fans a chance to experience the game thanks to the beta build. While it does not give away too much of the sequel, it is still enough to stir the interest of many. Besides, experiencing it is a good way to somehow understand the game at a whole new level.

According to GameRant, one of the things that “Destiny 2” fans need to explore in beta is the Storm Minotaur. It is basically a type of public event that offers a brand new enemy. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The Storm Minotaur explained

The aforementioned is basically located in a key area called The Inverted Spire strike.

It begins in a public area of a certain new planet, which is known to be the Nessus. Many believe that the Storm Minotaur is just among the many complex events that Bungie promised to introduce in the sequel. It might even be a side quest or a Lost Sector. But regardless, exploring it is a worthy experience. The players who explored it reached a dead end at first, but later on, they realized that it was actually just a taste of the game’s open world experience.

To start the adventure, “Destiny 2” players must first find the Hobgoblins and lift them. They can do this by heading towards a small waterfall area in which a certain door to the Lost Sector area can be located. They should then see a pair of Vex Hobgoblins, both of which they have to deactivate by lifting.

To do this, they simply have to power up the lift nearby and then jump right into it. It is worth noting that lift itself transports players to another deactivated lift, which has two Hobgoblins nearby. The key here is keep activating the lifts quickly, as the enemies and the lifts tend to despawn, ending the entire event.

The new enemy type surfaces

Once the aforementioned section is completed, “Destiny 2” players are to return to the start of the loop. But this time around, though, the new enemy type called Storm Minotaur surfaces. It now acts as the lift, replacing the Hobgoblins. However, the process will not be easy, as there will be accompanying enemies nearby.

Players just simply need to kill them in order to activate the lifts. Rinse and repeat, but remember that time constraint is still in effect.

Destiny 2” players will be surprised to know that once the full loop is reached, they will return to the start. However, there will be no obvious step to move forward. This is because Bungie did it on purpose. It could be that once the loop is reached, a new kind of event will be activated.