Among the interesting parts of playing the open beta of “Destiny 2” is the strike called the Inverted Spike. This latest strike allows players to battle with Cabal and Vex enemies much longer than the first game installment. The players’ PvE skills will be put to test in this part of the game. Interestingly, this strike has a gargantuan Minotaur as the final boss, which is a tough enemy to defeat. Here are the tips and tricks on how to defeat the boss in Inverted Spire Strike.


In “Destiny 2” open beta, players have Resilience, Mobility, and Recovery as the primary stats in the Strike.

In this game, the Resilience raises the damage the player takes before finally dying. Mobility, on the other hand, offers an increase in the player’s overall movement in terms of speed and jump height. Meanwhile, Recovery boosts the speed of the player in regaining depleted health. For the player to be able to withstand the final boss, it is best to go full on both Resilience and Recovery. Aside from surviving the boss, it will also enable the player the throngs of enemies that will attack in the game.


Aside from the stats, another factor that will greatly help the player in defeating the strike’s final boss is the weapon. So far, rifles like assault, scout and sniper are the best weapons that the player can use to take down the final boss, Protheon.

You might want to give the Black Scorpion-4SR or Scathelocke a try as these two are best rifles. For players that fall on the classification of Hunter, Sunshot Hand Cannon is more than effective in destroying smaller opponents. Equipped with Sunburn and Sun Blast perks, the weapon can create an explosion that can easily wipe out hordes of enemies.

Players can also equip themselves with the Risk Runner, which is a Warlock Exotic Submachine Gun paired with Superconductor perk that can destroy waves of enemies in an instant. Another weapon that is great for this fight is the Sweet Business, which is Titan’s Exotic Assault Rifle. With it massive magazine that can house up to 99 bullets, it is one of the best weapons to take out Protheon.

How to defeat Protheon

The boss battle in the Inverted Spike Strike has three stages that get tougher at every stage. The first stage, the easy one, players should target the boss’ weak spot, which is its head. Also, take down the Harpies, while they do not cause massive damage, they will help Protheon to kill you.

In the second stage, players will see the final boss standing on the platform in the center surrounded by Hobgoblins and Goblins. It is also in this stage that the boss uses new harmful attacks that could potentially kill you. Players should kill the Goblins and the Hobgoblins as soon as possible before they cause massive damage. These creatures use Line Rifles that could kill players with just 2 to 3 shots.

It is best to use your super to destroy these creatures fast.

Protheons fire attack will cause more damage in this stage, dodge it by jumping into the pillars. Have everyone in your fireteam focus on the boss. When Protheon’s health reaches 50 percent, he will bring you to the final stage of the fight.

The final stage is swarmed with a new Goblin that spawns when the final boss reached 30 to 40 percent of his health. Kill the goblin and make sure not to step on the Vex milk that it produces on the ground. Then, destroy Protheon’s head and move to destroy his belly as it is his new weak spot. He will then become more aggressive as he moves toward the center of the area. Target the part that is lit up, which will enable you to totally destroy him.

The open beta of “Destiny 2” on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is already available. For PC players, Bungie is yet to reveal the specific open beta dates but it will be some time in August.