Gamers looking for a hint of nostalgia should prepare for a surprise. Nintendo has just confirmed that their Snes Classic Edition is ready for pre-orders. Consumers were wondering when the company would announcing any details about their second retro console release. Surprisingly, the nostalgic console’s pre-selling began last Friday at Walmart store locations across the US.

The delay is indeed strange since UK customers were reportedly able to place their pre-orders the same day the console’s announcement went live. Therefore, it seems that buyers in the United States waited almost four weeks before they could arrange their orders.

Speculating the next retailer

Last Friday’s snes classic edition pre-order availability makes Walmart the first retailer in the United States to do so. Market analysts suspect the next two retailers with pre-selling allocation could be Amazon and Best Buy. The online landing pages of the aforementioned companies designated for the retro game system are already prepared. However, both product pages currently do not have a specific date indicated.

Strangely enough, other stores like Target and Toys R Us, which both sold the NES Classic Edition last year, do not have product pages for the upcoming console. Furthermore, video game retailer Gamestop. and even the official Nintendo US Store. are also coming up blank when it comes to the nostalgic piece of technology.

Reason for the pre-order delay

Buyers in the United Kingdom evidently got a head start compared to US consumers. Reports have confirmed that several retailers have already sold out their allocations. Online shopping websites like Argos, Tesco Direct, Game, Amazon UK and more have all stopped pre-selling the Super Nintendo Entertain System Classic Edition.

The reason for the late start in the United States is reportedly due to FCC approval. The news was confirmed by Nintendo Life that regulatory requirements resulted in the delay.

Sufficient stock this time around

Unlike the poorly handled restocking process last year, the Japanese Gaming company promises to have enough inventories this time around.

The scarcity of the NES Classic Edition prompted enterprising individuals to buy out multiple units early on. These items were then resold to desperate buyers for over quadruple the retail price. According to the firm, they stated “we aren’t providing specific numbers, but we will produce significantly more units” of the second retro game console.

Price and release date

Nintendo plans to sell the SNES Classic Edition for $79.99 USD. The game system will be compatible with modern displays via its HDMI cable. It will come bundled with 21 classic games, which even includes the never-before-released “Star Fox 2”. The old-school console is expected to become available on Sept 29, 2017. As of now, it is unclear how long Nintendo plans to keep the product in the market.