Nintendo just held its Nintendo Direct presentation for the month of May. It centered around explaining the gameplay, different characters, and features of the company's upcoming fighting video game, "Arms."

Aside from releasing a full introduction video for the game, the company also unveiled a number of new accessories and a new console bundle centered around its upcoming third-person video game sequel, "Splatoon 2."

Full introduction

Nintendo unveiled a new introduction video for "Arms" during the event, which was also published on the company's official YouTube channel.

The entire video is narrated by the game's "trusty commentator," Biff. The video starts off with a somewhat strange history lesson regarding the origins of the extendable arms, its sudden appearance, and how it gained popularity in its use in combat sports.

The video then introduces players to each playable character and their respective "arm load outs," which all have their own specific weight and attributes. During each introduction, Biff also gives players different combinations that can be used to knock out opponents. The game can be played with up to four players through different versus modes and challenges.

Nintendo Switch bundles

Following its explanation of the Gameplay Mechanics for "Arms," Nintendo then officially announced its upcoming "Splatoon 2" Nintendo Switch bundle.

The new bundle will contain a Nintendo Switch console, a copy of the game, and three packets of "Splatoon" stickers. The console included in the bundle will also feature uniquely colored Joy-Con controllers, namely a neon-green left controller and neon-pink right controller.

Additional accessories

Nintendo also announced several new accessories that will be sold separately from the bundle.

The accessories include a new Nintendo Switch Pro controller with pink and green grips, a new 'Splatoon' carrying case, several new controller pouches, screen protectors, and a stylish Switch cover.

The "Splatoon 2" Nintendo Switch bundle has been confirmed to be coming to Japan and Europe, via Nintendo Everything.

The accessories have also been confirmed to be released in Japan very soon. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that the bundles and accessories won't be made available in other territories as well. "Arms" will be released on June 16, while "Splatoon 2" will launch on July 21.