"Final Fantasy XV" continues to get new DLC as Square Enix continues to explore the possibilities within the game. Many fans and critics alike have complained that the game itself felt rather incomplete and that the story was very one-sided. While the company has already stated their reasons behind this, they are still trying their best to fill "Final Fantasy XV" with more content. They've even gone as far as to include an in-game poll asking fans for what they want as future content. In line with this, here are some things we'd like to see included in the game.

Do note that there are a few spoilers ahead, so read at your own discretion.

Luna Story Arc

As the main heroine in the game, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret assisted Noctis and his crew by calling forth the Astrals. She managed to fulfill her objectives throughout her journey until she gets killed by Ardyn Izunia. The game does its best to explain her exploits, but players never actually see or experience whatever she does. Because of this, her death lacked any real impact and she was basically considered as a plot device than a character. To give Luna the credit she deserves, Square Enix should give Luna her own side story where players can experience what she was doing and even learn more about her. A 5-10 hour quest in finding the Astrals should be enough for players to form some sort of connection with the heroine and ultimately change how they feel about her.

More Events

Back in January, "Final Fantasy XV" received a free update that included the Moogle Chocobo Carnival held in Altissia. This event included various mini-games and allowed players to explore the beautiful city before it was destroyed. While it doesn't really add anything to the plot, these updates serve as a good distraction from all the tension in the main game.

Moreover, they should also include some limited edition items as prizes in the mini-games that can be brought over to a save file. That way, players will feel encouraged to actually partake in the festivities instead of simply ignoring it.

Ardyn Story Arc

Ardyn is the main villain in "Final Fantasy XV," yet we know very little about him.

He mentioned that he played a great part in the game's past which had many fans theorizing that maybe Ardyn wasn't actually a villain at all. Having said this, Square Enix really needs to give him his own side story that delves into his past so we can actually get some insight into who this person really is.