Almost all will agree that everything looks great in “God of War 4,” Sony Santa Monica’s upcoming title. So far, the developers have released two trailers, each dropped at the Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2016 and this year. However, the footage only made things look more confusing yet interesting.

There are definitely tons of questions within the community, as each one wonders what other secrets “God of War 4” offers. Interestingly, there have been numerous fan theories and rumors ever since the game was revealed last year. Most of these came from enthusiasts who are well-versed with the history of the franchise as a whole.

Atreus is named after a significant character in ‘God of War 2’

According to GameRadar, this theory was loosely based on a longstanding theory that Kratos was left for dead at the conclusion of the third installment. Fortunately for the character, her servers found him and took care of him. But in order to veer away from the dangers of the Greek world, he was smuggled into a different world. This world, in particular, is now the setting that fans have come to know in the new game: the Norse mythology.

The theory states that Kratos was saved by a person who was believed to be the last Spartan. Unfortunately, as they try to survive in the new environment, the Spartan was killed saving Kratos. As a form of honoring his memories, the main protagonist decides to name his son Atreus.

This may be a far-fetched theory, but it is an interesting take on the complex lore of the series.

Kratos wants to avenge his wife’s death

Barlog himself confirmed that in “God of War 4,” Kratos seeks redemption and revenge. While he did not provide any specific details, many believe that the character wants to avenge the death of his wife.

The premise is that Kratos met a woman and fell in love with her. Perhaps a way to forget his past, he formed a family and eventually had a son. Apparently, there is a woman in the new trailer who warns him of the dangers lurking in the new realm.

Fans believe that this very scene is, in one way or another, a flashback to when Kratos’ son was still a baby.

In the 2016 trailer of “God of War 4,” he asked his son if his mother taught him the ways of hunting. With this, one can assume that Kratos was not around for a certain period of time. He probably left his family just to keep them safe. However, for whatever reason, he comes back and takes care of this son. Only this time, his wife is not around. Perhaps this is the main gist of the game: Kratos will take on a journey to unravel the mystery behind her wife’s death.

Kratos and Atreus is actually Odin and Thor

Now, this may sound a bit off, but there is actually an interesting reason why this “God of War 4” theory exists. First and foremost, Sony Santa Monica itself confirmed that Kratos wants Atreus to learn how to be a god, while his son teaches him the ways on how to be a human.

Second, there is a possibility, albeit small, that Kratos is actually teaching a young Thor how to use those powers.

Going back to Greek translation, Odin is fairly associated with war while his name literally means “the furious.” In a sense, Kratos is known to be a furious character whose temper is off the charts. In addition, the ending of “God of War 3” showed the opening of Pandora ’s Box, which completely erased the Greek realm. Technically, in “God of War 4,” both Kratos and Atreus are experiencing the birth of a new realm.