Last year, Sony Santa Monica took the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) audience by surprise when they unveiled “God of War 4.” Now the same outcome happened, although a different trailer was dropped. This left the fans of the game wanting more as they try to wait for the game’s official release next year.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that there are lot of things the developers have taught us about “God of War 4” during their presentation. While they continue to be keep details under wraps, there are still significant things that the presentation itself unraveled.

Perhaps this is the main reason why such event happens.

Kratos’ baby is not the one for baby-sitting

When the game was first revealed, many thought that Kratos’ son, Atreus, will become a burden to his father. They believe that, in one way or another, looking after the kid is part of the game’s mechanic. Well, not really. Based on the studio’s time at E3, Atreus is there to aid Kratos in every journey. Apparently, the old man is not well-aware of the region’s dialect; hence the kid translates texts for him. This alone makes his son an indispensable companion.

Atreus is also confirmed to be accessible by “God of War 4” players. Game director Cory Barlog states that as the game progresses, the boy will get to learn new abilities and skills.

This is where players will have to manage him and make sure that his skill tree is organized. After all, this process will affect Atreus’ gameplay with Kratos.

Kratos’ origin will still be there

At first, one would thought that “God of War 4” is a complete turn away from the three titles in the franchise. While it is true that the new game brings Kratos in Norse mythology, his past will not be forgotten.

It is said that some characters in the upcoming title will somehow be related to the main character’s origins.

Apparently though, Barlog did not explicitly say how Kratos and his origins will be shown in “God of War 4.” It could be in a form of a quest or a mission. Perhaps, Sony Santa Monica has incorporated it to the game’s main storyline.

Either way, this is something that players will have to unravel themselves.

A father and son relationship

As clear as the blue skies, the forthcoming game is all about the story of a father and a son. Take away those monsters and the mythos and players will get to see a father seeking a world free from dangers for his son. This is basically the heart of the game. Barlog explained that they want to convey a different Kratos here, and to do so, they will have to allow Kratos to learn a lesson or two from his son. The same goes with his son, who, despite being a kid, is old enough to take a beating from monsters.

The father and son relationship in “God of War 4” will get stronger as the game progresses. As to how exactly this will be shown is up to the players the moment they begin to play the game.