The 2d rogue game, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +” will be launching on PlayStation 4. The base game is accustomed to newer ports as it has been released on many consoles over time.

Latest announcement

Nicalis, the game developer of “The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +” shared on their official Twitter account the latest news for PlayStation 4 users. According to Nicalis, the game will be released on the Japanese console very soon. It can be recalled that the game was one of the first few titles released on hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch.

The Twitter announcement hinted at a mysterious pre-order bonus that gamers will receive. In addition, it was emphasized that the bonus would not be applicable to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

Other details

The game’s Afterbirth + edition includes the base game, the 'Afterbirth' expansion and other improvements like an updated HuD. Along with its release are all the DLC previously released for the game. The title further delves into the game’s engaging and replayable gameplay formula.

In addition, there are procedurally generated maps which are just as challenging and as cryptic as the previous versions. In this edition, however, players can enjoy playing it longer without seeing the same thing happening again.

The rogue game has more than 600 items, 180 types of enemies and over 90 lethal bosses. There are also trackers that will help players keep up with their latest finds.

There are stats provided in the game such as enemy HP, as well as the number of times the player gets killed. There is also a long and gruesome path that players need to go through to unlock all 20 game ending sequences.

The title follows the story of a large-eyed character named Isaac as he crawls his way through various places inhabited by distressing enemies and bosses.

The game is an expansion of the "Rebirth" released in January 2017. It has a new character named Apollyon. Players can also enjoy hundreds of new rooms, fresh monsters and champions variants, five new challenges and 63 new achievements.

There is also a fresh final chapter and a hard mode for the rogue game’s Greed mode. Detailed information about the monsters in the game can all be found on the Bestiary. Moreover, the title has a victory lap where players who have been successful in the Dark Room can start over with all their possessions intact.

We will give you more updates about “The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +” as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, stay tuned for your daily dose of gaming news.