God of War 4” would not have been developed had Sony Santa Monica failed to make Kratos what he is now in the franchise. In reality, the series should really be thankful with charm and boldness of the character. He might look arrogant or something, but he is definitely a whole new kind of badass.

The main protagonist’s insatiable hunger for revenge and rage-driven skills made him an easy favorite for the fans of the series and the upcoming “God of War 4” game. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that, as a person, he is still flawed. It is why the fourth installment is packed with elements that try to promote redemption for the killing machine that is Kratos.

How the previous titles went

Director Cory Barlog said in the past that he never saw or even anticipated the success that the franchise is riding now. Well, he might actually be true in some ways. That is because some players will agree that the previous titles, most especially the first two, had some voids on them. “God of War,” the first installment, for instance, lacked the gameplay the other games in the series now has. Sure, players might have been captivated by the character’s out-this-world, machine-like skills; however, the gameplay it offers is not as compelling as what most games of its genre offer now.

“God of War 2,” on the other hand, seemed to have pivoted on redeeming the first title’s flaw in gameplay.

The developers at Sony Santa Monica might have lost their touch in writing that they focused more on the combat system of the game. As a result, the story the second installment provides is not entirely convincing. As for “God of War 3,” it became a requirement in the community. Most developers and/or publishers during that time were fond of moving with video game trilogies.

Of course, the tech giant is not like the one to back out.

Kratos’ redemption

The third installment, nonetheless, became a hit title. Critics applauded its gameplay technicality and story revolving around it. However, it cannot be denied that there are some elements from the first two titles that were simply missing in the third title.

This is perhaps a direct result of Barlog leaving and giving the helming job to Stig Asmussen. Overall though, the franchise is deemed as one of the pillars in the world of video gaming.

Now, with “God of War 4,” players will most likely expect a different kind of setup. Sure, the game is taking place in a setting wrapped in Norse mythology or that Kratos is now a father; however, there is more to these than what the community wants to see: it is redemption. Yes, redemption for the bearded Kratos. For all his life in the past title, he was merely a guy full of anger and revenge. It is as if he knows nothing but killing. Perhaps, in the fourth installment, this unpleasant experiences of him will be washed away by his relationship with his son. It might be on this title where players will get to see a complete evolution of him, from being an angry individual to a loving old man.