Games developer, Respawn Entertainment, has continually been dishing out free downloadable content (DLCs) for its popular first-person shooter sequel, "Titanfall 2," for the past few months. Now, the developer has detailed the maps and changes that will be coming to the game via its sixth DLC, called "The War Games," which will be launching in just a few days.

A returning favorite

As indicated in the name of the upcoming DLC, a sort-of new map called "War Games" will be released. The map, which was also present in the first "Titanfall" video game via the "Expedition" DLC, has been updated with better textures and a multitude of changes that are meant to let players take advantage of their pilot's basic movements.

The map itself is set in a pilot simulator pod and showcases a wide range of open streets and large buildings for both pilot and titan battles. Additionally, the map contains a number of walls that are perfect for wall running combos and pilot maneuvers.

Live Fire map

Along with "War Games," a new map called "Traffic" will also be added to the game's Live Fire six-on-six pilots only mode. The new mode was added back in February and due to its popularity, it seems like it will be here to stay. The new map, which is set in what looks to be an abandoned roadway complete with different vehicle wrecks, will be perfect for the fast-paced action-filled mode. Not much detail has been revealed about the new Live Fire map aside from a screenshot, but Respawn should be announcing more information during the DLC's launch.

Other add-ons and changes

Once the DLC arrives, players will be able to perform a brand new execution called "Shadow Boxing." The execution can be unlocked by getting 20 pilot kills with the "Holopilot" active. Another big change that will be coming to the game is the inclusion of a third loadout slot for pilots. Players usually only get access to two slots for their weapons, namely their primary rifle and a choice between a pistol or an anti-Titan weapon.

The third slot now negates the need to choose as players will be able to carry both their sidearm and a larger weapon to deal damage to Titans.

Similar to previous DLCs, the upcoming "The War Games" DLC will be available for free for all players on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. The DLC is scheduled to be launched this week, on June 27. Respawn Entertainment also announced that they will be releasing a brand new trailer for the DLC during its launch.