If you have been playing “Overwatch” PTR recently, you may have experienced a crash when trying to record moments. Nothing can be more frustrating than this, but most players just take the error that is displayed at face value. Not many players look any deeper into the issue. Blizzard forum user bax42 however, is not your average player. After looking into the code of the error message to find out what the source of the crash was, bax42 uncovered something shocking.

What he found

In the screenshot above, he found the inspector summary line contained the title “Overwatch - Doomfist/Summer Games: Assertion failed…” This one line of code has led many players to speculate that the next patch will bring about a new character as well as another addition of the Summer Games event.

Perhaps what makes this even more interesting, is that Doomfist is one of the most talked about heroes. "Overwatch" fans have been talking about him a lot as of late, as more and more clues of his impending arrival have surfaced. However, Blizzard is being very hush-hush about this new hero, and nobody really knows much about the mysterious Doomfist and what role he will fill.

Summer Games

Many people have speculated that a Summer event is set to return. During an AMA on Reddit, a user even asked Jeff Kaplan if special events from the past would happen again. Jeff responded, “We put a lot of time into those events. I think it would be tragic not to allow new players to experience them….So I think it’s very likely we will run the events again.”

Even further evidence that a Summer event will happen, Reddit user DeadGirlGaming also recently discovered — through datamining — what is believed to be the theme song for this year’s Summer Games event.

And, while it is almost certain that a Summer Games event is coming, the surprise release of a new character on top of this is bigger than anyone could have imagined! So what do you guys think? Do you think we will finally be able to meet the elusive Doomfist? Or will we have to wait a little longer?

Sombra ARG

Before Blizzard released Sombra in "Overwatch," they gave players different hints about the character.

These hints mostly appeared as puzzles that the players had to crack and decode in order to get valuable information about Sombra's arrival.

Could it be that Blizzard is doing this again? Doomfist is rumored to be a new character and Terry Crews could be a voice actor. We will see if Blizzard will once again tease "Overwatch" players with numerous clues about the new character.