Ubisoft shocked the world with the announcement of “Skulls And Bones” at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). It is the newest game being developed by the studio, and it is set to introduce a competitive multiplayer similar to “For Honor.” It remains unclear, though, if its core is only about the co-op play.

According to GameSpot, Ubisoft has yet to reveal the very core of “Skulls and Bones.” It could be a game that focuses more on the elements of multiplayer. However, some enthusiasts believe that it should arrive with a story mode and/or a single-player campaign.

Interestingly, the studio recently revealed some interesting details about the forthcoming title.

A narrative campaign

The video game company revealed that the game will feature a narrative campaign, though its specific will be kept under wraps for now. It will reportedly be integrated into the game’s core, contrary to what most players believe. In this case, this campaign will be very much different from a multiplayer experience. The studio further iterated that players here “will encounter iconic characters and memorable rival pirates.” The developers of the pirate-themed game will be releasing more details about the upcoming title at a later date.

As for the competitive mode that Ubisoft showed at E3, the “Skulls and Bones” developers said that it was just “the tip of the iceberg.” Obviously, there was more to the feature compared to what the audience saw at the event.

The studio, however, did confirm that the title should still be playable on either solo or group. In addition, the title was deemed an open-world game. However, some players were skeptical about this particular mode, as they hoped for it to be similar to “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.” Regardless, they would know more about this in the next few weeks or so.

Ubisoft’s challenge

There is no doubt that Ubisoft is among the finest video game companies in the industry nowadays. However, their reputation has been significantly stained by the failures of “The Division” and “For Honor,” with the latter being the latest. These titles experienced tons of bugs, issues, and even exploits, all of which contributed to their downfalls.

The fighting-themed title, in particular, saw a great decrease in player pool in just a matter of months. In fact, since its release, it never acquired a significant increase in player base.

With the upcoming launch of “Skulls and Bones,” players and gamers alike are hoping for the studio to do the right thing this time. Perhaps, it can develop the game in a way that its core systems and/or features work seamlessly. Otherwise, the company would just be releasing yet another failure.