Overwatch” League is perhaps one of the biggest things in the eSports scene now. Its success even continues to grow, as the game’s popularity blooms. Now, Blizzard just took a huge step in pushing the league to a whole new level.

The “Overwatch” League commissioner named Nate Nanzer recently announced a new process of scouting pro players. Interestingly, this was deemed an international structure, which was meant to involve various players from around the globe. The aforesaid process was meant for the owners of pro team to assemble their squads.

Introducing scouting report

Announced on the official site of the league, Nanzer revealed that the competitions under Blizzard should undergo a scouting process. Here, reports of promising players (pros only) were involved. The owners of league teams were given such access in hopes to help them build their group. Enthusiasts believe that, in one way or another, this should bring a more concrete pool of pro players in the scene.

The basis of the report will be sent as an email survey, with “Overwatch” players being the recipients. But in order to participate, they will have to declare their inclusion in the league first. The option to do so, as the management declared, will be up to them. This will reportedly help the league relate “their experiences and preferences,” though the players still have the permission to allow the league to report the information to the team owners.

The criteria explained

The “Overwatch” League will be imposing a set of criteria to ensure the consistency of the reports. This should also help them prevent any fraud information coming from the recipients if there was a fraud. For instance, the prospective players must be a top-500 finish in the game’s Competitive Play (Skill Rating) in either the third or fourth season for any region.

Next, they must be a playoff finish in the most recent tournaments with high-caliber ratings, such as the APEX Season 2 and/or the Premier Series 2017 Spring. If not, they must be at least recipient of the Pacific Champions 2017 Season 1 invitation.

Lastly, the prospective “Overwatch” League players must offer distinguishing and impressive qualifications, all of which should be indicative of top-tier talent.

This could mean a membership from an already established team in the competition. Nanzer iterated that these should be enough to help them develop a reporting tool for roster-building strategy. He, however, explained that, in one way or another, the report does not totally guarantee a spot in a pro team.