It holds true that “Red Dead Redemption 2” is being delayed, but it does not necessarily mean a bad thing. In fact, this allows Rockstar Games to have enough room to build the hype around the game. Speaking of hype, there is a huge possibility that the studio will reveal the game at the forthcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Rumors about “Red Dead Redemption 2” coming to E3 first came to existence when the video game company announced the delay of the upcoming title. There is no doubt that the cowboy adventure game will shine throughout the show and thus it is an interesting thing to look forward to.

However, it is up to the developers of the game to really make it all happen.

Why the upcoming sequel needs to appear at E3

Way before Rockstar Games confirmed the existence of the game, there were already rumors of it being true. This just goes to show that the entire community has faith not only on the game, but to the company as well. However, this seems to have been broken the moment studio announced the title’s delay. Some even went to make memes about how the company loves delaying title after title. Simply put, the community was not pleased.

With all these complaints and whatnots, an appearance of “Red Dead Redemption 2” at E3 might just be the right solution. It would somehow stir the interest of the fans, knowing that the sequel is really underway.

Add to this the fact that it would, in one way or another, spark fire to the game’s popularity. Most importantly, this would be a first in history. Why? That is because Rockstar has never, in its entire existence, joined any annual event or presentation of sort. This will surely come as a special thing for the fandom.

About time to give fans a look-see

Until now, it remains a mystery as to what exactly “Red Dead Redemption 2” will be. While there have been countless rumors, nothing solid has ever surfaced. With an appearance at E3, fans and gamers alike will finally have a look-see at what the follow-up title is all about. In fact, they would finally know if the game is really a sequel or perhaps a prequel.

Sure, the first trailer somehow gave a handful of details about the game. However, almost everyone will agree that it did not necessarily unveiled something solid. Otherwise, speculations about the title would have ended by now. If Rockstar wants to do something different and new, then perhaps it is time for them to consider joining E3.