Game developer and publisher Take Two delayed the release of the much anticipated "Red Dead Redemption 2" game in exchange for an exciting "GTA 5" game. According to the latest news, fans were disappointed to learn that the "RDR2" game will not arrive this year. Despite the news, it was revealed that one of the main reasons is the big update coming for the "GTA Online" game. Sources also reveal that the game was delayed in order to fully develop the important details of the game.

History of the two game's Rockstar Rivalry

In late 2016, rumors about "Red Dead Redemption 2" being developed by Rockstar circulated online.

At the time, the popularity of "GTA Online" was beginning to peak. Soon after, it was mentioned that "RDR2" is indeed coming, but with no specific date of release. Even after the announcement of the latter, the continued updates for the latest GTA game brought massive revenue on the developer's part. Soon after, rumors about the "GTA 6" being delayed also became the center of Rockstar issues.

In July 2016, the "Red Dead Redemption" became part of the Xbox One backwards compatibility list after months of speculations. The title became one of the most requested game in the BC feature after it made a short appearance on the list before getting the boot. After it finally arrived in Microsoft's popular backwards compatibility program, fans started to ask for the sequel.

Parent-publisher Take two did not reveal the exact date when the RDR sequel will be released and recent news suggested that it can't be expected this year. For some, this is good news, provided they work on updating the "GTA 5" game. Others were more excited to see the sequel this year and for the developer to start working on "GTA 6."

Between 'GTA Online' and 'GTA 6' development

It was known that Rockstar threw out the idea of creating "GTA 6" after "GTA 5' picked up its pace and began attracting players again.

The surprising rise of the game was brought about by its first update after six years called "GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals." This was followed by several others mainly "Lowriders: Custom Classics," "Cunning Stunts," "Bikers" and the last one which is the "Import/Export."

This 2017, another Cunning Stunts update arrived in the form of "Special Vehicle Circuit." With the absence of the "Red Dead Redemption 2" game this year, Rockstar is all set to add Gunrunning missions on the GTA 5 as well as new vehicles as part of its latest update.