"Tekken 7," the new episode of the fighting game Tekken by Bandai Namco, was recently released. First introduced in the arcade version in March 2015, the game was launched on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on June 1 and June 2 respectively. While the game was just a few days away from its release, substantial information was discovered by several dataminers about the latest fighting game’s downloadable content.

Datamine details

Just recently, a post on Reddit revealed that a hidden content in “Tekken 7’s” PC version files were uncovered. In the datamine, extra costumes, a new mode, and new meter-type guest characters were found.

These are probably post-release in-game content in the season pass. Aside from those, there are a couple of DLC characters, which appears to be placeholder files. One character discovered in the datamine has a meter system similar to Akuma and Eliza, which according to some claims could be another SF quest. In addition, school uniforms, idolmaster cosplay, and swimsuits were found and are allegedly part of the game’s downloadable content. It is worth noting that these were previously featured in the Arcade version of the game.

Other details

The two characters found to be in “Tekken 7’s” datamined information are Day One DLC character Eliza and the Street fighter guest fighter Akuma. These two were found to possess a resource meter.

According to the data found, these resource meters must have at least one bar in order for the player to use the fighter’s special tricks and unique moves.

While the second character is yet to be discovered and announced, there were already speculations among fans. Some claim that the second character could possibly be from “Nier Automata.

” The claim stemmed from the game’s post pertaining to 2B’s potential of bagging the label, King of Iron Fist in the tournament. This appears to be accurate as it can be recalled that Game Producer Katsuhiro Harada said that the characters that will be included in the game’s paid content will only come from other popular titles and not from the game’s roster old fighters.

The datamined DLCs and all other post-launch contents will be rolled out automatically to accounts that availed the season pass of “Tekken 7.” The game’s first set of downloadable contents are expected to be released in Summer. Most likely, this will include the side game Tekken Bowl as well as the swimsuit cases. On the other hand, the paid DLC is set to roll out in Winter 2017 and most likely in Spring of 2018 with each expected to feature new Guest character. More information would be revealed soon, and we will keep you posted when it becomes available.