One of the biggest reveals from last year’s BlizzCon was the upcoming arrival of the newest “Diablo 3” pack called “Rise of the Necromancer.” Now, the game just completed its maintenance, with Blizzard rolling out update 2.6.0 on all platforms. This should finally add the highly anticipated class Necromancer.

According to GameSpot, among the promised components from the aforementioned “Diablo 3” update include the Component Rifts. These were weekly static dungeons that should allow players to play a set character. New zones were also introduced, namely the Moors and the Temple of the Firstborn.

Both of these were found in the game’s Act 2, particularly in the Adventure mode. Also, the studio also added new bounties for the Realms of the Fate, all of which can be acquired at brand new waypoints included in the map.

Introducing the Necromancer class

The Necromancer in "Diablo 3" is not new to the franchise and the game itself, as it is already featured as a mini-boss in the game’s Act 1. Well, this goes without saying that the character is also part of the “Heroes of the Storm,” another title developed by Blizzard. It is safe to say that the class is quite popular in the community. This class is known for his power to raise Diablo’s army along with some mind-blowing magic.

The “Rise of the Necromancer” pack, however, comes with a price tag in “Diablo 3.” It is currently being sold at $15, which should be a deciding factor for most players.

Despite that, there is no doubt that the character is among the most visually stunning additions from the studio. He is capable of calling ethereal spirits, all of which are perfectly designed with great aesthetics. If the sudden burst of corpses from this guy does not excite players, they better not use him at all.

Other changes brought

As mentioned by Blizzard at last year’s BlizzCon, the “Rise of the Necromancer” DLC was not just about bringing the new “Diablo 3” hero. There were new changes announced, with most about improving the quality-of-life in the game. Moreover, some adjustments were also made particularly on the Set bonuses.

The most noticeable one perhaps was the Greater Rift, which should allow players to resurrect (when they die) immediately while the remaining time on the death timer was removed. Cooldowns, on the other hand, should simply adjust on their own.

So far, the reception of the new “Diablo 3” pack was quite impressive. Players loved the new class the developers introduced, though the price tag still disheartened some. The DLC was meant to bring the game’s gameplay experience to a new level, something that only the community could confirm as they progress.