There is no doubt that “Rainbow Six Siege” is one of the most titular titles of recent memory. Now, the fans of this game are in for a huge treat. That is because developer Ubisoft Montreal has just released the much-awaited patch 2.1. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The aforementioned patch is deemed to be the first major update for “Rainbox Six Siege.” Hence many call it as a pivotal addition to the game. The studio promised that this update will introduce upgrades meant to improve the overall gameplay experience of the title.

What the update brings

Patch 2.1 is basically part of the ongoing Operation Health initiative. The latter, in its most organic form, is all about bringing substantial upgrades and/or improvements to the game. Ubisoft Montreal developed it in a way that its focus is solely on the gameplay experience. As for the entirety of the new update, there are really no huge surprises or whatsoever. Why? That is because the studio has previously unearthed these things way before.

Nevertheless, the new “Rainbow Six Siege” introduces the One-Stop Matchmaking. The developers claim that this is the key to achieving “stability” and much “faster matchmaking results.” They event went to deem it as a huge step towards acquiring “better performance” as well as “faster queue times.” So far, everything is going well in this area, with no complaints or whatnots from the community.

The Interactive Matchmaking

Ubisoft Montreal also introduced the so-called Interactive Matchmaking in “Rainbox Six Siege.” This allows players to freely browse the game’s menus while they wait for a certain match. It also allows them to purchase brand new Operators and even tweak their respective load outs, something that they can only do when if they have not entered a match yet.

Once a match is done, the players can decide collectively if they want to proceed to the next match altogether or go straight to the in-game menus.

As for the gameplay in “Rainbox Six Siege,” the studio has finally implemented the highly talked about hitbox changes. This will allow players to no longer suffer massive damage whenever they hit things they should not to, such as the accessories and/or baggy clothing.

The same procedure will also be applied to all existing and future Operators. The video game company believes that by doing so, they will be able to promote full artistic freedom on character models and customization with no heavy impact on the game’s balancing.