Pokémon GO has been a reality since the middle of 2016 and had unleashed a fever that not even its creators could have predicted, becoming an international, social and even political phenomenon. But since the end of last year until now, despite the updates, the initial boom effect has passed, and while it’s still giving lots of economic benefits, it needs a good kick to re-attract the players who left. One like the man in charge of marketing at Niantic Lab dropped at an event celebrated this weekend.

Niantic would introduce Legendary Pokémons

Since the arrival of the game last spring, users have been wondering how they would introduce legendary Pokémons.

It’s possible that this summer the doubts will be solved since we might see the first few appear. At least that's what we can gather from the words of Archit Bhargava, chief marketing officer at Niantic, at the 21st Webby Awards.

In said awards, Pokémon GO obtained the title of Best Mobile Game of 2017. But what jumped the alarms was what Bhargava said in the ceremony: "This summer will be legendary!"

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic

Will we see Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres wander around the Niantic game at last? We can recall that a few months ago, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, talked about the many significant updates that will be coming to Pokémon GO this year, of which is the arrival of Legendary Pokémon.

Let's hope it's true so we can see these mysterious and powerful creatures once and for all.

Niantic regularly launches events so that video game lovers can get more achievements. For example, the spring - summer event is occurring, where some rare pokémons are appearing with more frequency when the eggs hatch.

Now there is news of the new event in July this year: "Pokémon Go Legendary” in addition to new game mechanics like raids, PVP, and the player trade.

But the highlight of the event might be the ability to capture legendary pokémons and a new cooperative mode that could change the way the game is played.

Niantic is looking forward to partnering with more local governments for larger events such as the Lapras event celebrated in Japan last October. This way people are encouraged to visit the Tohoku region affected by the 2011 tsunami, to tour and catch some lapras.

Apparently, Pokemon Go still has much to offer and continues to surprise its users. Follow us on Blasting News for further information related to the vast universe of Pokémon and news about Pokémon Go.