Almost every match in “Overwatch” has Reinhardt on it. He just seems to be the perfect guy to deliver the tanking duties of the team. However, it cannot be denied that he is not as significant as he was before in competitive matches.

According to Dot Esports, Reinhardt’s role in “Overwatch” has been slowly replaced by the likes of Winston and D.Va. This is actually due the popularity of dive composition, which seeks to prioritize highly mobile characters. This is definitely an interesting topic to discuss.

What is dive composition?

Before players can comprehend the aforementioned character’s diminishing popularity, it is best to understand first the meaning behind dive compositions.

First and foremost, this thing is not entirely new in the game. Most players have already used it in various competitive matches. It is only recently, though, that this composition started to become a new meta. Even low-ranking players are trying to incorporate the strategy to the best of their capabilities.

Basically, dive composition is where an “Overwatch” team prioritizes high mobility heroes such as Genji, Tracer, Lucio and Winston. They are capable of, well, diving straight into the enemy lines to try to eliminate the opposing team’s high-valued characters.

This composition rose to fame due to its winning rate and, of course, since it is a trend. Apparently, this affected the hero picks across all of the tier levels in the game.

For instance, players would rather pick Lucio than Zenyatta or Mercy due to his speed boost, while some would go for a Genji or Soldier: 76 than a McCree. The same can be applied to Reinhardt, who can be easily be replaced with the likes of D.Va (Boosters) and Winston (Jump Pack).

Reinhardt just have no value in dive comps

This does not mean that Reinhardt is useless in “Overwatch.” Of course, not.

His value in the game remains high. It just so happens that players love the idea of dive compositions that they prefer to go quick by picking versatile characters. He does have the skill to charge, but this ability is more applicable in “deathball.”

The latter refers to another strategy in which slow play styles are used. Its emphasis is mainly about pushing together as a team.

Remember: dive composition is more about going inside the heat of the battle, regardless of an ally nearby, to eliminate the softest of characters as quickly as possible.

The only catch with dive comps in “Overwatch” is that its strongest suit can also be its weakest suit: diving, that is. Basically, diving or pushing straight to enemy territory opens to a lot of possibilities (if and only the strategy fails). For one, it gives the opposing team a window to counter-dive, most especially if the move fails to work. Second, if the diving character fails to eliminate at least one opponent, he is most likely going to take the hit. Regardless, this composition still offers a high winning rate especially to players who know their characters so well.