Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is making huge waves in the video game industry. It is perhaps one of the best games in Nintendo Switch right now. But of course, like any other titles out there, it also needs some tweaks and changes from time to time. The second update of the hit racing title is finally out, and it brings some pretty significant improvements.

According to GameSpot, version 1.2 for “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is now available for download. It offers a lot of bold changes, all designed to make the overall gameplay experience a lot better. Here is everything about this second patch in a nutshell.

Introducing the changes

The patch now prevents players from using a certain item after they used it to block attacks. Nintendo believes that this should only be right so as to promote gameplay balance. In addition, the Boomerang item receives some tweaks, too, allowing it to return to its original slot (depends on where players caught it first). The new update also introduces some improvements on the game’s online matchmaking system. For instance, players who are behind the competition will still likely to receive items, but only those that helped them catch up with the race more often than not. Moreover, two Piranha Plants are no longer allowed and this change applies to any course taken in online races.

Patch 1.2 also allows “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” players to utilize the Pikmin-themed amiibo, allowing them to unlock one Pikmin suit for their Mii driver. As for the race rules and course name, these are all displayed on the game’s loading screens for both online and wireless plays, including the Mario Kart TV. Interestingly, the update fixes the controls where they tend to be unresponsive when the in-game timer runs out.

This particularly happened in the past when players choose a Mii racing suit for their online matches.

Other tweaks and improvements

Nintendo promised in the past that the patch will be more about improving the game, not necessarily about introducing new features in “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.” Well, this is exactly what the new update is all about.

For instance, when players use an item just after the Super Horn in the online matches, it should no longer be available for use. This was an issue in the past version of the game, as other players, after discovering it, exploited the bug.

More importantly, the online matches in the game now end 30 seconds right after the first place player finishes. Before, the match continued to go on, despite a winner being called. Furthermore, the items in the inventory now display the right stuff accordingly, most especially when players hold an item behind them.