The loot boxes of “Overwatch” has been attracting a lot of attention lately. It can be recalled that these boxes have been receiving criticisms from players because of some claims that it offered unfair cosmetic drop rates. While Blizzard has not yet addressed this issue, it is at least providing players the opportunity to earn more rewards. Just recently, the game developer introduced the golden loot boxes. However attractive it looks, is the latest Golden Loot Box worth it?

Latest offer

Blizzard announced that it is offering a special bonus in collaboration with Amazon Prime and Twitch.

To avail this, players need to link their accounts to these two streaming services. With the accounts linked, players will earn the latest Golden Loot Box from “Overwatch.” This most recent promotional in-game surprise has four random items from the game’s classic collection aside from one guaranteed legendary.

The latest promotion appears to be a very attractive offer for gamers who are into getting more items in the game, preferably cosmetics. The promo, however, is not free for players who are not subscribed with Twitch and Amazon Prime.

How much will it cost?

To subscribe to Amazon Prime’s streaming service users are required to pay $10.99 every month or $99 a year. With a subscribed account, users can access to the streaming service of music and movies without advertisements.

The streaming service is an interesting premium subscription. However, if it is only for the purpose of Golden Loot Boxes, it is not worth every dollar.

The golden loot box is not actually extraordinary. Its content is just like that of the regular box being offered in the game. It is just like what players receive in their standard box except that the Legendary item is guaranteed included in it.

On Reddit, several fans were speculating that there are possibilities that the golden boxes could contain a duplicate Legendary item.

Meanwhile, the latest “Overwatchupdate 1.13 in the PTR revealed that significant improvements are rolling out for the game’s surprise boxes. With this changes, it appears that Blizzard is listening to its fan base given the numerous complaints it has received previously about the issue.

There are other interesting changes inbound including new highlight options for players. So far, Blizzard has been making impressive improvements in the game.

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