E3 is right around the corner and all the biggest developers and publishers in the gaming industry will be there to show off their latest games and to get us excited for games coming out in the near future. Activision has recently released an official blog post showing its line-up of games we can expect to see at E3 and it looks like there's a surprise in store for Crash Bandicoot fans.

Activision's line-up

Activision looks set to have a strong presence at E3 this year with a number of highly anticipated titles. It will be showing off more of the recently announced Call of Duty: WWII and the equally exciting Destiny 2.

It's certainly a good time to be a fan of first-person-shooters! Last, but certainly not least, we'll also be seeing lots of Crash Bandicoot as the N. Sane Trilogy will have demos available for attendees to try for themselves. It has also been revealed that Crash himself will be there for fans to get a cheeky selfie with.

Special announcement

As if getting to try out the N. sane Trilogy and meeting the famous marsupial himself wasn't enough, Activision has also stated that Crash fans should keep their eyes peeled over the course of E3 for a specal announcement regarding Crash and his friends. No specific details have been given thus far but it could be anything from announcing a new original game to the release of new Crash-themed merchandise.

There have been rumours that a new Crash Team Racing game is in the works but these are unconfirmed at this time. We look forward to seeing what Activision has in store for Crash and his friends.

Crash returns to the PlayStation

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is set to be released on June 30 for the PlayStation 4 and was originally announced at last year's E3 during Sony's conference.

It seems that the game is exclusive to the PlayStation but it has not been confirmed as to whether or not this is timed exclusivity. No doubt many non PlayStation gamers would be pleased to see the remaster come to their gaming platform of choice.


E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year and is set to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 13th through to the 15th.

We look forward to seeing what the likes of Sony, Microsoft, Activision, and Bethesda have in store for us and what surprises await. This will be the first year the general public is allowed to attend and the whole event will be livestreamed via several different sites so those who can't attend can watch from the comfort of their own home.