Recently, Blizzard released another cryptic blog about the Horizon Lunar Colony Map. As Atlas reported the incident, fans are up again discussing the next hero for the widely played title. With the Anniversary event still running and potential golden loot boxes coming soon, it seems that “Overwatch” has been true to its promise of keeping players engaged in the game. With the recent flock of information about Winston and the previous research facility of Lijiang Interstellar on the moon, more gamers are now speculating on the next hero to be introduced in the game.


In our previous article, we mentioned that Blizzard, in several of the screenshots released, was teasing about Hammond. The images appear to be inquiring about a creature smaller than Winston who seems to be missing in the colony. The frequency of the teasers have some players speculating that Hammond could be the next “Overwatch” hero. It is interesting to note that the creature is among those who were experimented on in the Horizon Lunar Colony to further learn about prolonged habitation in the moon. He was also among those who escaped during the uprising which was believed to have killed the scientists.

The tease appears to be just a hype and most likely the primate will not be the hero the fans are waiting.

For one, there are speculations that the creature is most likely a chimp and not a gorilla as described in the released screenshots. Chimps are small primates and are not really intended for combat.

Traditionally Blizzard

It can be recalled that the most recent game hero launched was not even teased. In fact, all throughout the lore, it was Efi that was given the spotlight.

She was interviewed and her every move was hyped. As it turns out fans got a different version of OR15, Orisa. The same thing happened when “Overwatch” launched Ana as the game’s hero. Several players thought it was Sombra all along. This is how Blizzard traditionally introduces the heroes. The launch is always a surprise. It seems that the game developer is again getting people to speculate that it will be Winston’s companion that will be introduced as the 25th hero.

Most likely, he could play a significant role in the lore.

The Horizon Lunar Colony map is now live in the PTR of “Overwatch.” This does not rule out the possibility that teasing Hammond could just be a hint for the map and nothing else more. Blizzard has already introduced a hero and it looks like the developer is likely to release significant content rather than a hero.