The latest “OverwatchPatch 1.13 on PTR is a goldmine of information. Players who have experienced game crash learned from crash logs that the upcoming update is titled Doomfist/Summer Games. Aside from that, several dataminers have discovered more interesting information contained in the update including new maps, cosmetics, and fresh information about the game’s next hero.

Latest datamine

Overwatch” dataminers are hard at work these days with the amount of datamine information surfacing online. Helpfully, these details discovered through datamining activities have been summarized by Reddit user Ethanciavo.

Among the most recent discoveries are new cosmetics for the game’s playable characters. Aside from that, Sombra and Orisa get summer games themed cosmetics. Mercy and Orisa also get non-event sprays. Moreover, more than eight fresh entries for achievement-relates sprays will be made available too.

Aside from those, there is also a placeholder for a certain Event 8 that was discovered. It includes one item for the majority of the cast. However, there are no loot box related attachments found for the placeholder. This could only mean that this is not a formal event and is not the same as the Summer Games. Most likely this could refer to a small update.


The Reddit user also shared a couple of new entries for the map’s metadata that has been added.

According to speculations, at least one of these new maps could be smaller that would be used as a title screen for Lucioball. There are also others suggesting that the map could be two full-fledged maps for quickplay and competitive. However, at this point, it is too early to draw assumptions of what could these maps refer to given that even tiny rooms that hold cosmetic displays could technically fit.

New hero

The crash log could most likely be nothing but a tease directed at the “Overwatch” community. It could also be a header that the developer forgot to swap out instead of a Doomfist confirmation. However, what is interesting is that there is other data pointing the same way from the datamine.

According to the datamine finds, there is a hero metadata that does not connect with anybody else in the game.

This could most likely mean a brand new hero to the roster. In reality, after the recent articles about the crash log have been flooding the web, fans definitely know who the next hero is and are just waiting for a confirmation from Blizzard. The crash log has been supported and verified by gamers too.

Overwatch” Patch 1.13 is currently available on the PTR servers. While the latest information has not been confirmed by Blizzard, fans are hoping that this time, they will not disappoint their fans.