Niantic's recently released update for their highly popular augmented reality video game, "Pokémon Go," included a brand new gym mechanic that was designed to increase the activity of Gyms worldwide. However, there might have a been an unforeseen problem with the entire mechanic itself, which the developer has fortunately now addressed.

Lesser coins

Before the update was released, players who had placed a Pokémon on a gym and was able to hold it for a day would receive 10 Pokécoins every 24 hours. With the latest gym revamp, the game now awards players with a single Pokécoin for every hour they are able to hold a gym.

In highly populated cities and urban areas, this might become a problem for a lot of players.

Players who will have their Pokémon defeated before the one hour mark will receive no reward for their efforts. Given the gym's new "motivation" stat and the increase in damage of "super effective" moves, some players are finding it very hard to hold a gym for more than a few hours.

Niantic's solution

Due to the negative feedback that was given regarding the new system change, Niantic immediately made a slight tweak to appease players. Shortly after the issue was brought to their attention, gyms were changed to now award players with one Pokécoin every 10 Minutes they are able to hold a gym instead of one hour.

There is also now a 50 coin limit per day. The solution seemed to have worked as players are now apparently content that they are getting a better reward for their efforts.

Another big problem

On the other side of the coin, less populated areas are facing a different problem when it comes to the newly revamped gyms.

Coins are currently only awarded when a Pokémon is defeated and returned to their owner. In some areas, a high-level player with a strong Pokémon could essentially remain undefeated, which means that their Pokémon would be racking up all the coins for days on end.

The biggest problem, of course, would be how to exactly get the coins that have been stored.

There is currently no limit to how long a Pokémon can hold a gym, which means that unless the creature is defeated by another player or team, the accumulated Pokécoins may be stuck at the gym forever.

Niantic is currently keeping an eye out for potential problems regarding their newly added features and the company has been very open to public suggestions lately. This will likely mean that a solution to the stuck coin problem may eventually come. Other minor changes and tweaks may be coming very soon as well seeing as that the newly revamped gym system is still far from being perfect.