Overwatch” is rolling with a constant stream of in-game improvements as it releases patch notes for patch 1.13 currently on PTR. While there have been numerous complaints about the game’s loot box system in the past, it appears that the game developer has addressed the issue and will roll out changes soon.

Upcoming improvements

There are other interesting changes coming to the game. This includes the long awaited create your own reticles feature, which was anticipated to be released alongside patch 1.12. Several bug fixes are also included in the next patch.

While the Orisa bug was not mentioned in the notes, most likely it will be addressed to live servers.

Loot Box improvements

According to Blizzard, in their desire to create an exciting and rewarding feeling to players while opening the loot box, they have worked to improve in a couple of ways. The team behind “Overwatch” has reduced the number of duplicates that players will receive upon opening the boxes. Aside from that, in order to recompense for the reduced duplicates, players will also receive an increased overall credit amount received from it.

Players who log in and help test the update on the PTR during this cycle will be rewarded with five PTR Loot Boxes. The boxes will only be available on the PTR.

However, any items earned from this or unlocked using credits on the PTR will not be forwarded to the player’s live account.

Highlight options

The game’s highlight system has also received major updates. While the game will produce auto-generated highlights based on the player’s most recent gameplay, now they will be under Today’s Top 5 category.

Aside from this, players will now have the chance to create their own highlights. The 12-seconds gameplay capture has been added to the game in the Options Menu right under request highlight. This will be saved in the menu’s latest section dubbed as Recently Captured. With this new feature, a player can store 36 captured highlights at one time.

Given this latest feature, it is now easy for players to record any of their own Top 5 of Recently captured highlights. This can also be exported as video files to several gaming media library on the console. PC players will have to option to choose the quality of the highlights exported. It can support up to 4K at 60 FPS for PC running on Windows 8 or higher operating systems. For Windows 7 OS, the footage can support up to 1080p. “Overwatch’’ update 1.13 patch notes reveal several bug fixes on Heroes, Maps, and User Interface.