Rockstar Games will once again join America as it commemorates its Independence Day from the British. While the usual Americans celebrate the holiday through parades, foods, and fireworks, Rockstar Games has something interesting for players of the massively played title, “GTA 5 Online.” This year, however, prior to the game publisher’s announcement, several leaks have surfaced online revealing juicy details about the upcoming in-game event.

Latest leak

According to TezFunz2 and FoxySnaps, “GTA 5 Online” famous leakers, players will have the chance to purchase a wide array of patriotic themes for weapons and for the newly added Mobile Operations Centre.

The fresh sets of vehicle liveries and weapon skins according to the leakers will be available for a limited time in the upcoming event.

The patriotic weapons skin can be purchased for $100,000. This can be applied to almost all weapons in the game ranging from pistols to sniper rifles and the massive MG. Aside from that, there will be patriotic gears, American-themed monster trucks, fireworks launchers, and whacky American clothes. The leaks also revealed that this year, all kinds of weapons with USA-themed camos will also be made available to players.

Other event details

The camos for the in-game guns will be applicable to just every MK2 weapon provided that the player has purchased a bunker.

During the Independence Day event, the Mobile Operations Center skins will be available in four varying flavors. The Stars and Stripes can be purchased for $100,000 in-game currency.

The Eagle Claw will be available for $135,000. Meanwhile, players can also avail of the Eagle Claw Flag for $170,000 and the Forever Fighting Freedom for $200,000.

As for the guns, no price has been revealed so far. Players should expect, however, that these guns will be priced higher than their regular market price since they will be included in the event.

The Independence Day event will be released on July 4. So far, Rockstar Games has not yet released any information about the upcoming event.

However, with the 4th of July nearing, official information would be available soon. “GTA 5 Online” is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game is a part of the “Grand Theft Auto 5,” which is also one of the most popular titles today.

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