One of the most anticipated video game titles that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch has now finally received its first reveal trailer. The Japanese role-playing video game (JRPG) sequel, “Xenoblade Chronicles 2,” recently took Center Stage at the Nintendo special live-streaming event during the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event.

A brand new adventure

The upcoming new JPRG title for the Nintendo Switch will be the sequel to Monolith Soft’s critically acclaimed JRPG, “Xenoblade Chronicles,” which was released for the Nintendo Wii in Japan in 2010.

It was released in Europe and North America a year after. It was then later ported to the Nintendo 3DS in 2015. While the game itself is considered to be a sequel to the first installment in the “Xeno” series, it will apparently feature an all-new set of characters and a completely different storyline.

Quest for Paradise

The game’s reveal trailer introduces players to Rex, the main protagonist in the game, and his friend Pyra, who is a mysterious being that has granted Rex immense power. Both are on a journey to find a place called “Elysium,” which is described to be a paradise for humanity and a place where the entity known as the “Architect” resides.

A number of the game’s antagonists are also showcased within the brand new trailer.

They look like they are pulling all the stops to prevent Rex and Pyra from reaching paradise including bringing out an armada of airships. Several battle sequences and cutscenes are showcased within the trailer, which gives fans a glimpse of the title's unique battle system. Fans look like they will be in for a face paced battle system that will involve over the top weapon strikes and finishing moves.

A JRPG for modern systems

Similar to the previous title, the upcoming new game is still full of the same elements unique to the JRPG genre. This includes ridiculously over the top costumes, physically impossible-to-wield weapons, and stunning environments and vistas.

The first game was highly praised for its use of a lush and beautiful open world, something that is also presented in spades within the upcoming new game.

Some of the environments and stunning visual will undoubtedly be pushing the Switch’s hardware to its limits.

Nintendo had not really announced a fixed date for the game’s release, but the trailer does indicate that “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” will be released sometime during the holidays.