As the “Overwatch” Anniversary event finally comes to an end with a double XP weekend, other good news is coming. Just recently, Blizzard announced that it will add new reticle colors and options into the game. One of the reasons why this title has been successful since its launch is because the game developer addresses the fans’ issues as well as their requests. Today’s news is one example of how the company caters to the needs of its fan base.

Reticle colors

The good news was revealed by Game Director, Jeff Kaplan who disclosed several details about this latest addition in the “Overwatch” forums.

According to him, this most recent move was a response to the thread he previously responded to in the forum, inquiring about extra reticle options. The Game Director said that currently, they are working on fresh customization options for the next patch.

Right now, according to Kaplan, they are planning to add more color options for the players. However, he also mentioned that while there are suggestions that it is best to come up with the straight-up color picker, he noted that the idea is out of tune with what Blizzard will deliver to its players. He promised to reveal more details about this recent addition when it is in the phase nearing the PTR. He also asked gamers about their preferred colors and mentioned that RGB values would be appreciated.

There is a big chance that if the color suggested is liked by the “Overwatch” team, it could be a game option in the future. It can be recalled that the crosshair issue in the game previously received complaints from players. Most of them wanted the game’s crosshairs to resemble that of “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” or that of “Team Fortress 2.” With these types of crosshairs, the transition between games will be easier for gamers.

Anniversary event

The “OverwatchAnniversary Event started on May 23 and serves as a commemoration of the game’s release in 2016. The event is scheduled to end on June 12 along with the double XP weekend. The event brought loot boxes that may contain new legendary skins, new emotes and other anniversary items. The Double XP bonus applies to the time spent in a match, or for completing a match or consecutive matches.

It also applies to winning a match and earning medals.

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