Changes are coming to “Overwatch” particularly in the Mystery Heroes mode. Aside from the Anniversary event, and the Horizon Lunar Colony map, Blizzard has a lot in store for its fan base. Following several annoyed players’ complaints, the game developer is set to roll out improvements to one of its popular arcades.

What is Mystery Heroes mode?

In “Overwatch,” Mystery Heroes is the mode where the character selection is taken out of the game and a hero is picked for the player. When the character dies, the player will respawn as a new hero. This mode entails the player to step out of their comfort zone by trying other heroes in the game.

However, the format also causes many issues. Among these issues includes ending up with three Reinhardts, or Roadhogs that makes the game very difficult. Aside from that, the opposing team could also have strong and powerful heroes while you are getting only the support characters.

Blizzard’s response

The good news is, the team behind one of Blizzard’s successful titles is now hearing out the fans and is working on the issue. On the game’s official forum, Game Director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that several adjustments about the Mystery Heroes mode will soon roll out. According to him, there are a number of fixes already enumerated on their list. However, right now, they are not yet included in the team’s top priorities.

Among the changes that will soon be implemented in the game’s Mystery Heroes mode includes removing suicide to force a hero switch. Aside from that, the Assemble Heroes wait time will be removed at the beginning of the match. There are also other improvements that were not yet disclosed.

Kaplan also raises a couple of questions to the communities.

The first one is the mode stay as an entirely random system. Another is if it should be random in the ability to limit stacking and slightly improving the composition of the team? He further noted that he understands the players’ frustration when the opposing team gets a balanced team while they get the less balanced one.

So far, the “Overwatch” community has been divided on the issue raised by the game director.

There are some who feel that the mode is best when it is random, noting that it is what the mode is intended to be. There are also others who feel that the mode is better when rules are set.

Meanwhile, the Anniversary event is still ongoing and will last until June 12. For players who would like to get more XP, this weekend is the best time to collect. Blizzard will have a Double XP weekend to wrap up the most recent event.