The Legend of Zelda: “Breath Of The Wild has become one of the Nintendo Switch’s most powerful titles in its current library. The latest installment mixes up the series formula and provides fans with a true open world experience without the worry for many bugs and glitches along the way. While the game deviates from the main series, it still keeps some of the traditions regarding characters, locations, and some items too.

With “Breath of the Wild” officially out in the market, Nintendo is gearing up to release the first expansion pack called "#The Master Trials." This will add some new features to the game and also provide players with some useful items which are iconic pieces found through the series.

Nintendo has revealed a countdown for the upcoming DLC that delves more into detail about the items provided in the expansion. One item is called "#Midna’s Helmet" which debuted back on the Wii and Gamecube on Twilight Princess.

The Origins of Midna’s Helmet

The official Zelda site has a countdown that includes a written piece by the game’s art director, Satoru Takizawa. There, he explains just what the item is and the original owner of the helmet. The headpiece belongs to a character named Midna who acts as Link's companion in Twilight Princess. When he was cursed as a wolf, she helped guide him back to his human form and still accompanied him throughout the rest of his journey.

Midna has captured the hearts of many fans from the series ever since her initial debut.

Not only was she included in the Hyrule Warriors Musou game, but she is also seen in the Wolf Link amiibo. During development, the team had used a different model who rode Link in place of Midna's imp form. They later got the imp skin from a secret project they were considering working on before Twilight Princess.

Midna’s Helmet in 'Breath of the Wild'

While Midna's Helmet the physical manifestation of shadow power in Twilight Princess, it has different properties in “Breath of the Wild.” Link will gain the “Guardian Resist Up” ability which makes it easier to fend off the pesky Guardians that chase him throughout his journey.

This helmet will also give Link more options to customize his equipment when taking on various enemies. The “Breath of the Wild” DLC will officially launch on June 30 for the Switch. The official Zelda site is still revealing more information about the DLC items via the ongoing countdown.