There will be new changes in the Penalties for throwing and boosting in “Overwatch.” For quite a while, gamers have been raising the issues about players getting boosted to higher tiers or dropping tiers by throwing games to gain competitive advantage. It seems that Blizzard is really serious about punishing these kinds of players. With the recent statement from the people behind the game, these practices are about to receive changes soon and it is going to be severe.

New measures

According to “Overwatch” Game Director Jeff Kaplan, manipulating the internal MMR or Skill Rating in the game is not good.

Several practices that he mentioned affecting the MMR includes Boosting or Throwing. Boosting happens when much-skilled player teams up with a lower skilled player to raise the lower ranked player to a much higher tier skill. Aside from this, higher skilled player leveling up the account of a lower skilled player is considered boosting as well.

Kaplan said that they are going to increase the penalties for these kinds of activities dramatically soon in the game. The game director also encourages players to report this kind of incident or behavior. Although for now, reporting is only for PC players as console reporting is not yet available. It can be recalled that in April, the game director revealed that they are working on something about the boosting issue in the game.

This latest statement from the game director stemmed when he responded to the issues of players leaving matches. The penalty as described in the thread could ban the players from participating in competitive play forever after being banned for several times.

Banned player

It can be recalled that recently Blizzard started cracking down pro players involved in this kind of behavior.

It was just last week when Dafran made the headlines among gaming sites getting banned from the game’s fifth season competitive play. Moreover, he was banned from all Esports tournaments and competitions for the upcoming offerings of the game’s Contenders.

Meanwhile, in South Korea several activities mentioned earlier are now considered illegal including paid boosting.

This covers “Overwatch” and other widely played games. This major move from the country could be one of the reasons why Blizzard tearing down these kinds of practices recently. We will give you more updates about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available. You can also visit Blasting News for the most recent gaming news and updates.