Back in November of last year, Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks released the sequel to the 2012 action-adventure stealth mode video game. "Dishonored 2" was met with positive reviews from players and critics alike, as it featured Corvo Attano as a playable character following his supporting role in the game's first iteration.

The game was even honored as the Best Action/Adventure Game during last year's The Game Awards, as well as PC Gamer's Best of 2016 Game of the Year. Now, "Dishonored 2" is set to receive a new standalone story in the form of "Death of the Outsider," which is set to arrive in September and feature Daud and Billie.

Bethesda announces new 'Dishonored 2' standalone story during E3 press conference

This weekend's E3 press conference has become the venue for major announcements, including this one by Bethesda: the "Dishonored 2" standalone story titled "Death of The Outsider" will arrive this September 15. A trailer for the upcoming content has also been released, and it features Billie Lurk as she stealthily invades a mansion and battles it out with the brutes.

This is all before she opens a door to find a tied up Daud, to which she says, "It's good to see you, old man." She proceeds to set him free as he asks, "You up for one more job?" When she asks who the target is, he replies, "The black-eyed bastard responsible for all the chaos." She then takes his hand as a sign of agreement before saying, "We're gonna kill The Outsider."

The Outsider briefly showed in trailer

In the newly released trailer for "Death of The Outsider" for "Dishonored 2," the last few seconds showcase "the black-eyed bastard" called The Outsider, who stares ominously back at the camera.

It seems that he is the target of Daud and Billie, who are dead set on hunting him down.

According to Gamespot, fans may be familiar with Daud, who was featured prominently in the "Knife of Dunwall" DLC. The Outsider is also the source of the powers of Daud, Emily, and Corvo's powers, so it would be interesting what role he plays in this new story and why he must be eliminated.

Creator/director Harvey Smith explains The Outsider

"Dishonored 2" relies heavily on the themes of revenge and power, and in an interview with Gamespot back in May 2016, creator and director Harvey Smith explained that "I would say the question of how you use power is back for sure because The Outsider is back and key in the game...The fiction behind The Outsider is that he was a figure 4,000 years ago that was greatly wronged and merged with the Void, this unspeakable horror happened to him.

"So he grants people power not so they can hurt others, but cynically expecting them to. When they don't, he feels pleasantly surprised. He's more of a cautionary figure than a trickster god or something."

"Dishonored 2" is now playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. "Death Of The Outsider" is set to arrive on all platforms on September 15.

Check out the trailer below for more.