A few days ago, the entire “Overwatch” was puzzled by a cryptic blog posted by Blizzard about Horizon Lunar Colony. We have dissected the information revealed by the developer and rounded up the speculations about the potential map that will be incorporated soon into the game. Today, the map arrived on the PC test servers of the game with more information that will definitely aid gamers including the Easter eggs.

Latest map

The Horizon Lunar Colony map in “Overwatch” is an Assault map pioneered by Lijiang Interstellar. This scientific base set on the moon was intended to be mankind’s first major step in space exploration.

Aside from that, its mission is to study the effects on human and apes of living outside the earth in a long period of time. The scientific findings were very promising, however, something went wrong and communication with the base was lost. In the previous blog, we learned that the place was Winston’s former home and the uprising of his kind caused the loss of contact with the place. It was later discovered that several equipment and facilities are still working.

Latest discoveries

As the story moves into coming back to the place to take over the colony, players must learn more about the place. Among the facilities that are still working includes the telescope in the Attack team spawn point.

The telescope can be used by pressing the R located in the computer beside it. To open the observation doors, step on the button adjacent to the device. This will reveal the map surrounding Watchpoint Gibraltar including Lisbon, Algiers, and Zaragoza. Players could also find the potential landing point also visible in Winston’s pre-programmed rocket destinations when he made his escape from the base.

In the trailer that you can watch below, it was shown that the gorillaz caused an uprising against the scientists conducting experiments on them. As a result, the scientists were killed and the apes took hold of the facilities. Strangely, no dead corpses or blood stained can be seen in the colony, which led many to speculate that the scene was cleaned by the robots shown in the trailer.

Release date

The “Overwatch” Anniversary event is still ongoing and will end on June 12. The latest PTR build of the Horizon Lunar Colony map has no access to the boxes of the current game event. The assumption is that this latest space colony map would be made available on the game’s live servers as soon as the event ends.