PlayStation 5 is once again the center of speculations as Sony makes a decision. On May 30, the company announced that it has canceled the production of PS3 in Japan. The 11-year old console lasted over a decade. The console is still being produced in other parts of the world. In March, the company has disclosed that it would soon put a hold the production and will just eliminate the remaining stocks.

Is Sony brewing PS5?

Since the recent decision made by the Japanese electronics and gaming giant, fans are starting to speculate that PlayStation 5 might be on its way.

The company has not yet released any information if the next generation console is in development or production. Late last year, the company launched the PS4 Pro and is now doing well in terms of sales. While Microsoft is hyped up for its beast, the Xbox Project Scorpio, the Japanese giant seems unperturbed. It appears that the entry of this new console in the console market does not worry Sony at all.

In a recent interview with Tech Radar, President Shuhei Yoshida was quoted saying that the idea of PS5 is more of a question about if instead of when. The Japanese gaming giant for one would most likely not follow the approach of mobile phones of launching a new product every year. Regardless of the imminent release of Xbox Project Scorpio, the company would not release something to take on Microsoft’s latest product.

Speculated specs and features

While the company has not yet confirmed anything about the PlayStation 5, gaming enthusiasts have speculated among the potential specifications and features of the device. There were several claims that the console would be released in two variants. Apart from that, it would reportedly feature 4K for videos and games.

The most interesting speculation about the upcoming console from Sony is that it will be released alongside a Virtual Reality headset as well as a support for VR.

The next-generation gaming console is also expected to be equipped with so much power on its graphics processing unit boasting 10+ Teraflops. Noticeably, it is way superior to the 6 Teraflops promised by the Project Scorpio.

The console is speculated to be available at approximately $500.

Sony putting a stop to PS3 production is more likely of wiping off inventories for PS4 Pro and not the PlayStation 5. With the console’s dominance in the market and a new console with less than a year at launch, the heavily speculated device may not be released yet. Other analysts predict a 2020 potential date for seeing this idea materialize.