Just a few hours ago, Blizzard posted a cryptic blog on the official website of "Overwatch." The post teases on a possible new map and a new character that players will soon interact in the game. With the Anniversary event that will last until June 12 and upcoming golden loot boxes, it appears that the developer has more in store to keep the gamers engaged in the game.

Horizon Lunar Colony

Today, fans are again puzzled about the series of images revealed by Blizzard that appears to be related to the highly anticipated Horizon Lunar Colony map of "Overwatch." The latest lore reveals that the colony went offline several years ago.

It is worth noting that this is the same place where Lucheng Interstellar, a Chinese-sounding company, experimented on numerous Gorillaz. These primates are genetically enhanced and will be utilized in deep space testing. The place went offline when these Gorillaz staged an uprising and all contact with them were lost. According to the blog, Lucheng Interstellar has discovered that the monitoring systems, as well as the databases, are still working up to now.

The blueprint of Horizon colony can be found in the middle of banners and screens of the map. It was updated during the most recent Anniversary event. Apart from those, the company was also responsible for the updates rolled out to the Lijiang Tower.


From the latest report about the colony, it appears that Winston is not the only gorilla missing. The name Hammond has been mentioned in the messages that appear on the screenshots. In the messages shown in the blog, Hammond is described as a smaller specimen compared to Winston that is also missing.

While fans are still formulating theories of the latest blog, it appears that it is just a start of another slow-dripping style of information.

The company is The company is notorious about thisabout this as previously experienced during Orisa's introduction to the game. What is only certain at this point that it give players several clues of a map on the moon. It is also possible that it could the animated shorts that the company has previously revealed. It could also be another lore update or a story content crafted to hype the game.

Several gamers are ruling out the possibility of another event. It is worth noting that the company has remarked that fans will not see another event until the game's second year. The arrival of a new character is also not possible because Blizzard previously stated that only four new heroes will be introduced in the game every year, so another Gorilla hero in "Overwatch" is out of the equation.